Vacant Property Management

1. Suppose, you have purchased a property. It could be an investment property or your future home. You have just kept it vacant. You are undecided if you want to rent it out. Just because it is vacant does not mean that you can remain idle. You still need to keep an eye on it. Is the property in good shape? Is it being vandalized or misused? Is there damage due to water? Are the windows intact? Are there any birds nesting in your windows or sun shades? As a property owner you should be doing this.

2. In case of any damage, the owner is informed straightaway before the necessary repairing is done. Proper Renovation is also taken care of by us. Services related to Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting – all of them are taken care of, irrespective of damage or renovation.

3. Works related to professional cleaning, Flooring etc. are all performed by us attentively.

4. Whether the question is about repairing a damaged material or refurbishing the property – both the issues are carefully handled by us

5. In the event of attempt to encroach or misuse the property, we will report it to you immediately. We will also make a complaint to the local Police station if need be.