Long term rentals management company

Long Term Renting:

What is the need for Long Term Rental Management Agency?

Receiving regular rent is surely a nice thing, but only until something breaks, the tenants terminate the tenancy or they are overdue with payments. Not to speak of utility bills, attending owners’ association meetings, filling in tax return, getting insurance, etc. Suddenly, the owner has a lot of time-consuming work they may not care for.

Earn more on renting your property through Long term rental by employing a reliable property rental management company to manage the rentals.

Our Long Term Rental Management Procedure:

1. For Long Term rent Management Country Home conducts a thorough market research in order to set a rental price for a property, achieving the right balance between maximizing monthly income and maintaining a low vacancy rate.

2. Who knows better how to market a property than a professional property management company. Country Home know exactly where to market a property and how to craft compelling advertising materials - a significant advantage when it comes to filling a properties quickly and avoiding long vacancies.

3. So after taking a property from the owner, Country Home does a professional photo-shoot and starts advertising by listing the property on Indian’s premium real estate portals, corporate company website. Country Home is expert at finding good tenants.

4. We sweat the details, including performing background and security checks, running credit reports, verifying employment, and collecting previous landlord references. In addition to finding good tenants, Country Home also takes care of agreement drafting and sign management

5. After handing over a property to Country Home, the owner does not need to worry about anything because Country Home collects rent and does lease renewal time to time. Country Home also manages all kind of supervision and maintenance of the property.

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